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Have you become reserved to pay with the card after reading too often about various problems and difficulties? You should know, though, that in Romania, fraud cases are isolated and, most of the times, determined by naivety or inattention.

Statistics show that, at present, card fraud is negligible in Romania, being almost nine times or less than the average recorded in the EU at average.

Visa Europe's Chief Executive Officer, Ctlin Creu, General Manager of Rom & Acia, points out that most cardholders in Romany have had no problem with them, whether they used them at ATMs, traders or the Internet, especially because most cards are with a chip.

Follow the five steps for maximum safety:

1. Sign on the back of the card right after you get it!

If a vendor finds it strange to a payment, he & nbsp; is entitled to & nbsp; ask for an ID or keep the card and check if the signature on the back the card is the same as the one on the receipt.

2. Make sure only you know the PIN!

Memorize your PIN and do not write it down in any form on your card, on a credit card or on your wallet or on your mobile phone. & nbsp; Then, you need to take money from your ATM, you have to make sure that & nbsp; nobody & nbsp; does not see the PIN that you type in. On this page, although it's probably less, make sure you & # 39; make a copy of the data on your card, or look closely at the keyboard that you have inserted in the card slot. write the PIN, because there may be cases where a thief uses a false keyboard over the original ATM. And, in addition to authorizing a payment to merchants, you need to cover the POS keys by typing your PIN to make sure no one sees this code.

3. Do not drop your card when it comes to paying for a payday at merchants!

There are extremely rare devices that & nbsp; resemble a POS , but are actually designed to copy cards. The method of use is simple and relies mainly on the buyer's inattention: the vendor takes the card, inserts it into the device, and then says the transaction has been denied and must try new, normal & in the real POS. Thus, in the case of a refusal, it always requests a receipt clearly stating why the transaction was denied: lack of funds, internet connection, etc. This receipt can not be given by the card copier. Also, before authorizing a payment by entering your PIN or by signing the receipt, & nbsp; check if the amount written on the receipt or on the POS terminal screen is correct.

4. Do not give your personal information by phone or email!

Visa, member banks or any other organization will not ask for & nbsp; never & nbsp; by email or phone personal, security, or card-related details. In fact, criminals benefit from the naivety of cardholders in a way known as & nbsp; phishing , that is, through the creation and use of fraudulent emails and webpages designed to & lt; tb & gt; those of companies known by cardholders. The threat of phishing is a minor threat, but it is always good to be cautious, especially during the busy times of purchases. Plus, if you receive an email like this, it will contact the & nbsp; immediately & nbsp; bank you have your account with.

5. Call on internet protection systems or check online merchant technical details!

Siguranţă maximă For a card transaction on the internet, you can have & sign in and register your card & nbsp; Verified by Visa & nbsp; (specifically, set up a & nbsp; ) and pay only on sites & nbsp; in this service. If you want to pay with the card to merchants who are not enrolled in this platform, take the following & nbsp; precautions : Check your site's reputation, do not provide the PIN code, check if the bottom of the page shows the key or lacquer symbol and if the site address begins with & nbsp; https: // & nbsp; & icirc instead of http : // keeps a proof of the transaction, reads the delivery and return procedures from the store site and searches for a contact number or email address and notes them in the case where you will have questions.

The manager & nbsp; Visa Europe & nbsp; for Romania remarked that at European and world level, the fraud in the physical environment has migrated to the online environment.

The good security passes the bad danger, and at some point Romans could be taken to the attention of criminals, and we have to be trained. That's why we want more and more cards and merchants to get verified & verified in Verified by Visa, which offers almost complete security for internet card purchases & bdquo "explained Crewe.

Conclusion & Creation, Staff recommends the following steps to provide additional security for the card: & nbsp; Ensure that nobody knows and does not see the PIN, not to escape the card in the eye c & nc & icirc; l & icirc; nm & acirc; do not pay for making a payment, not to call, and never give your personal data by e-mail or phone, and put your cards in the Verified by Visa platform & bdquo;.

Note: For questions about card payments via the internet, you can write to < a> & nbsp; or visit & nbsp; & nbsp; for more information.

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